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“True solutions are found when we look beyond ourselves.”

– Tonie Tollig

Our solutions

Multi-dimensional Costing & Profitability

Our Multi-dimensional costing methodologies enhance the capabilities of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and Direct Costing, to provide detailed costing and profitability information across product-, customer-, channel- and location dimensions.

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Telecoms Regulatory Cost consulting

Impetus.Expert works with the most experienced cost consultants in the world to develop templates and methodologies for Communication Service Providers across Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean to implement cost models and adhere to regulatory requirements.

USe our services

As a leading problem-solving company we offer a broad spectrum of services including, but not limited to OSS & BSS training, as well as Technical advisory and Fixed & Mobile Network Training – which can include Strategic Technical Consulting.

Our operations

As a leading problem-solving ICT advisory company, we operate in multiple areas around the globe including, but not limited to the UK, the Bahamas, and our HQ South Africa.

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