Services and solutions

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Partnering with others

We have partnered with professional consulting firms across the globe in providing full end-to-end solutions to clients. These include:

KPMG, Deloitte, BRG(, QPR Costcontrol (, Institute for Technology Strategy & Innovation (

Multi-dimensional Costing & Profitability

Multi-dimensional costing enhances the capabilities of Activity-based Costing and Direct Costing methodologies. This is to provide detailed costing and profitability information across product-, customer-, channel- and location dimensions. Impetus.Expert works alongside expert consultancies in implementing profitability models for strategic or operational decision-making. These models are developed using software like CostPerform (, Advanced Excel, Power BI, Python, and SQL.

Telecoms Regulatory Cost consulting

Telecoms regulators require complex and sophisticated costing reports which can have major implications for Communication Service Providers (CSP). Impetus.Expert works with the most experienced cost consultants in the world to develop templates and methodologies for CSPs across Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. We design, develop and implement cost models to adhere to the regulatory requirements. This includes methods like Long-Run Incremental Costs (TD-LRAIC, BU-LRAIC, etc), Fully Allocated Cost (FAC), and Marginal Cost (MC).

OSS & BSS Training and Technical advisory

Digital transformation has become the buzzword for Communication Service Providers (CSP). One of the key technological catalysts for digital transformation is the implementation of next-generation Business Support (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS). Impetus.Expert works with clients to overcome technological, organizational, and cultural barriers by providing OSS and BSS training across multiple levels of the organization. We are also experts in providing strategic sourcing- and implementation support.

Fixed and Mobile Network Training and Strategic Technical Consulting

The grassroots of Impetus.Expert is firmly set in the implementation of multiple mobile- and fixed technologies. Impetus.Expert provides training and strategic advice on the cost-effective implementation of the operational and financial implications of implementing these technologies.

Where we operate

Impetus.Expert operates across the world and has provided solutions to clients in multiple countries over the past 14 years. These include:

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